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Tuesday, April r20, 2010 (2).jpg Picture of Gorlyn Bronstad in Arlington Cemetery with Bill Brown's widow at Bill's grave site
smuengrclass Movie of the SMU 1960 Engineering Senior Class Pictures
1960engrfaculty Pictures of the 1960 Engineering Faculty                                                                                            test
aiee-ire Pictures of SMU AIEE-IRE Members in 1960 for Electrical Engineers
asme Pictures of  SMU ASME Members in 1960 for Mechanical Engineers
sigmatau Pictures of the SMU Honorary Sigma Tau Fraternity for Engineers
ettakappanu Pictures of the SMU Honorary Society Etta Kappa Nu for Electrical Engineers in 1960
pitausigma Pictures of the SMU Honorary Society Pi Tau Sigma for Mechanical Engineers in 1960
ralphduvall2006 2006 Picture of Ralph DuVall from AHS Web Site at Second Grandson's Birthday Party
radfordssmureunion Picture taken about 1995 of a few friends SMU Reunion at Radford Field's Home in Dallas, Tx.
56basketballteam Picture of the 1956 SMU basketball Team, the only SMU Team to make to the final 4 National Championship
Picture of Gorylyn Bronstad and David Beeman 2006

Ralph,      Last month Gorlyn and Jane Bronstad paid us a visit on their annual trek to Florida.  Gloria and I retired to Amelia Island on the Atlantic Oceran in the Northern section of Florida 3 years ago.  This was their second visit.  Thought you might be interested in some news for your SMU Engineering School website.

David Beeman


gorylndavidlutherralph11052009 Picture of Ralph DuVall, Luther Bartlett,David Beeman, and Goryln Bronstad Nov 05 2009at reunion dinner
ralphlutherradgoryln Picture of Ralph DuVall, Luther Bartlett, Radford Field, and Goryln Bronstad Sept 12. 2006 at reunion dinner
reunionralphradgorylnjanebarbara Pictures of Ralph DuVall, Goryln and Jane Bronstad, and Rad and Barbara Field at reunion April 4, 2008.
JohnAlexanderSavage Obituary for  Professor of Electrical Engineering  John A. Savage provided by Radford Field.
DoctorCharlesBaker SMU Professor Dr. Charles Baker's home page.
smuengrchanges5606 Chnges in SMU Engineering from 1956 to 2006 including additional buildings, faculty and curriculum.
earlyhistorysmu Early History of SMU's Engineering School
historyofsmu History of Southern Methodist University with a list of reference bibliography
newcaruthhall Dallas Morning News article on new gift that will result in building a new Caruth Engineering Building at SMU on the same site as the old.
historysmubusiness History of SMU Business School with list of reference bibliography
historysmudedman History of SMU School of Arts and Science with list of bibliography
historyofsmuperkins History of Perkins School of Theology
historysmueducationschool History of SMU School of Education
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