This web site is designed to preserve the history of my family  who are descended from  Mareen DuVall. The links above describe the content of the site. My father, Curtis R. DuVall, was from Tull, Arkansas. His father and grandfather were also from Tull, Arkansas. See the Family Tree of Ralph DuVall under the mareenduvall link above for the details.

I am a descendant of Maureen Duvall, a Huguenot Refugee, who settled about the year 1655 in the Province of Maryland. The following words were taken from the The Society of Mareen Duvall Descendants Newsletter. The Society's web site is at:mareenduvallsociety. I would recommend that the reader visit this Mareen Duvall Society link to see very interesting and informative historical information including notable descendants of Mareen Duvall. The Society also has on its web site references to other sources of information regarding Mareen Duvall and his descendants.

Mareen Duvall was born about 1635, in the Kingdom of France and settled on the south side of the South River in Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland. The first tract of land patented to him in 1649 by Lord Baltimore was called "Laval" the name of an ancient town, the capital of the present Department of Mayenne. He was a planter and merchant, and a public spirited citizen of the Province until his death. He resided at the time of his death on his plantation, located on the South River, patented to him in 1664 by the Lord Proprietary, by the name of "Middle Plantation." His public services consisted in part, as shown by the Provincial Archives, leadership in the Jacobite party, and membership in the Provincial Commission, appointed 1683 by the Proprietary and Assembly, to lay out town sites and ports of entry for the encouragement of trade. He was the patentee of numerous tracts of land, and the purchaser of many others containing several thousand acres, as evidenced by the Public Land Records and his Will dated, and probated in August, 1694.