Link Description
mareenduvalldiscussion Brief discussion of Mareen DuVall background and how my family is related to him
ralphduvallfamilytree Ralph DuVall Family Tree Going going back to Mareen DuVall. I am from Arkansas.
historyrelatedtomareenduvall Historical topics related to Mareen DuVall
mareenduvallwebsites These are web sites related to the history of Mareen DuVall
mareenduvallbookreview This is a book review of a history book about Mareen DuVall from whom I am descended


This is a map of Maryland and Middle Plantation Circa 1650.


This site gives a history of Middle Plantation, Laval Grant, and brief history of Maureen Duvall in Maryland


This site gives a description of Middle Plantation in Maryland as reported by the state of Delaware. You will have to scroll down. test