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Tull Od Folk Singing This is a Photo Gallery of the 100 the year anniversary of Old Folk Singing. Tull Arkansas. test
irecordingofsinging This is a 30 minute music recording of the 1979 Tull Old Folk Singing. Sorry there is 10 minutes dialog at the beginning before the singing starts.
oldfolksinging2 This is a second recording of 15 minutes of the Tull 1979 Old Folk Singing. This one is only singing. The woman singer with the high voice has been identified as Mattie Duvall Jacobs, our Grandfather's( E. H. DuVall) sister.
oldfolksingingsinglyrics This is part of a selections of Old Singing Song Lyrics
ehduvallopeningaddress This is a sound recording of E. H. DuVall address to Tull Old Folk Singing (It takes a while to download)