Photo Gallery of Ancient Greek Theater and Sculpture

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Hadrian Greek

Ptolemy Apion

Damaskinos Statue


Stue of alexander the Great

Arta Pyrrhus

British Museum

Epidauros Theater

Kolokotronis Statue


Achilleion Scultpure

Argos Theater

Cirene Santuaro for Apollo

Cirene Santuario for Apollo

Cirene Temple for Apollo

Delos Theater

Delphi Amphitheater

Delphi Temple

Epidaurus Theater

Griech Theater

Pavlos Melas Statue

Acropolis and Temple

Aristachos Samos

Athens Acropolis Theater

Athens Theater

Delphi Charioteer

Delphi Temple for Apollo

Dionysius Theater

Dodona Theater

Kos Theatre


Temple of Apollo at Delphi