Ralph's Family

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Ralph and Phillip DuVall and Janet DuVall Lewis Family Reunion in Dallas,
Texas, July 2005. In the back row :Left to Right: Phillip DuVall, David
Summerall (my grandson), Brian Summerall (Michele's husband), Baby Daniel
Summerall (my grandson), Mike DuVall (Phillip's son), Suzanne DuVall, (Phillip's
wife), Janet Lewis DuVall, Dan Lewis ( Janet's son), Joan DuVall, Delcambre
(Phillip's daughter, not present Joan's four children), Leigh Pedigo DuVall (Andy's
wife), Andy Ralph DuVall (Ralph's son) and in the Front row: left to right: Angela
Lewis (Janet's daughter), Michele DuVall Summerall (Ralph's daughter)